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Consignment: How To!


Choose your consignment items carefully. They must be in near to new condition, and of current fashion.

We select designer labels and prefer unique and interesting pieces.

Most importantly, the clothing MUST be laundered. Items with odors of any kind will not be considered for consignment. Clothing with damage, stains or pilling will not be considered for consignment.

Clothes with labels removed will not be considered for consignment unless they are extremely unique.

Shoes with added insoles or toe marks will not be considered for consignment.

We do not accept intimate wear (bras, undergarments or lingerie), bathing suits or sleep wear.

At this time we do not accept men’s wear-sorry.

It is the responsibility of the consignee to prepare their articles for sale. All items MUST be laundered. All pockets must be emptied.

Once you have chosen articles for consignment, contact us by email to book a appointment.

If your clothing is on hangers it is faster to go through the selection process. Expect to go home with your hangers, bags and shoe boxes as our space is limited. Expect to have a five to ten minute wait depending on demand.

If your articles have not been selected for consignment, there are many possible reasons such as; we may not have room for a particular item, the article is no longer in style, it may be damaged or soiled or we feel we will be unable to sell it. DO NOT BE OFFENDED. It may just be that one of our “orange” racks is too full. We will do our best to discuss with you our reasons for our selections so that you have an understanding of what we are looking for, and so you have a pleasurable consignment experience.

Please understand we are trying to maintain a quality level of goods to our clients and we appreciate that you assist in reaching that goal.

Remember your dates. This is Important!

Upon signing of a consignment contract you are given a card giving you the contract days and pick up window.

 This is the only part you are responsible for. REMEMBER YOUR PICK UP DATES. If we do not hear from you during your pick up window we donate your items automatically to charity as our space is very limited.

A basic contact runs for 12 weeks*, being that the eleventh week is a reconciliation week. During this week, contracts are unavailable for viewing as they are being accounted and reconciled.

*Jewelry contracts may be extended. Items chosen for the Web are held until they are sold or pulled, whichever is first.

During your pick up window, please present us your consignment card. This helps us to determine where to look for your contract.

No copy of the consignment contract is given to the client as we run a manual bookkeeping system and the contract is our only record. You are welcome to inquire about your article during your contract period we just ask that you avoid intake hours for the benefit our on-site clients. We prefer, however, to focus our time dedicated to selling your items.

Prices are determined by The Velvet Crease. If an article has intrinsic value you must declare that upon presentation of such article. We do our best to offer fair and educated pricing on our items. At the end of the contract term 40% of monies earned are paid out to the consignee by cash or cheque. If you have missed your pick up period, the contract monies owed remain available for pick up for a year from the beginning of the contract date.

For more information, visit the Details drop down on the Homepage to read about our Terms and Conditions.

Private Parties

Private Parties

Private parties are temporarily suspended due to Covid. We will resume when it is safe to do so.

What a fun way to bring your friends together to enjoy an evening of pamper, fashion and style! After hours the doors are locked and the house is yours to shop freely and socialize with your friends. Music, refreshments, and all the privacy you need to enjoy a shopping experience that will start your night right, or finish it with flair!

What occasions would be enhanced by a private party? A stagette. A birthday. A makeover. Ladies night out. Before going out….For peer fashion counseling. Season change. No reason other than for fun!

Follow these easy steps to plan your social event.

-Derive a guest list (between 8 and 15 guests) of friends and family you feel would enjoy an evening of fashion.

-Telephone The Velvet Crease and determine three possible dates that coincide with your own availability. (250-382-8849)

-Confer with your guests and determine the date that is free for the majority of your guest list.

-Contact The Velvet Crease to reserve your date and submit a refundable deposit. Then begin planning the evening.

-Choose from the following packages that bests suits your interest:

  1. Ladies’ Night Out– Begin your evening with fun and fashion before carrying on to….. dancing? The Ladies Night Out Private Party is a great way to start your evening with laughs in style.
  2. Shopping Spree-Great for STAGETTESEarn discount points for the bride to be and her shopping may be freeeee!! Start here and let your night begin.
  3. Makeover Madness-Combine a Private Party with a Spa event! Mani’s, Pedi’s or Facials may be enjoyed following your shopping primer. For this event, choose between 4 and 6 participants only.

4.   Wine and Cheese-This Private Party IS the event. Gather your friends and help each other choose fabulous clothes while you bop to great music and socialize over wine and cheese. This setting is relaxed and playful.    -Send email invitations with an RSVP deadline. Once you have received enough confirmations to BOOK YOUR EVENT, contact The Velvet Crease to pay your deposit and secure your date. You may decide to bring snacks and beverages, or inquire about catering.

The hostess must show up 15 minutes prior to event to set up.

Enjoy yourself!

***In all cases, remember to determine your designated driver, or book alternate transportation.***

BONUS: In appreciation of hosting the event The Velvet Crease offers the hostess a 20% discount on all her purchases (excluding artists goods).  The hostess may decide to gift her Hosting discount to any one of her guests. This discount is redeemable only on the evening of the event and applies to one recipient’s purchase only.


The hostess may provide snacks or arrange a pot-luck style meal presentation. Or alternatively, we can help you arrange catering for the event. All Private Parties take place after store hours (or on Sunday) and can run between 2 to 3 hours, unless the Spa Package is Purchased.

Charitable Participation & Events

49th and 50th Annual Ladies Field Day Golf Tournament for Hospice

We began sponsoring this event on June 9, 2017 and were pleased to support the June 8, 2018 event at Cedar Hill Golf Course. The Velvet Crease provides a gift basket used for auction. Proceeds go to Hospice.

Hats For Hospice Tea Party and Hat Auction

Helen Martin bequeathed her stunning hat collection to hospice. Amica Lifestyles presented an event to auction these hats to raise money for hospice. The Velvet Crease provided the fashion show as well as a gift basket valued at over $600 to be auctioned off. Hats For Hospice took place April 23, 2017 at The Beachhouse and was SOLD OUT.

1 Up- Single Parents Resource Centre

We provide weekly donations of clothing and accessories. When items do not sell during the contract period, our clients can choose to donate them to charity. We then determine which of our charities would get the best use of the unsold items. On average, we donate 4-6 large black bags full to 1UP weekly. This organization provides a clothing room where people in need can choose from with no extra cost to them.

Vining Street Block Party Sept 8, 2013.

The Velvet Crease donated a gift basket valued at $150. Proceeds went to: Community Micro Lending Society, Pandora Arts Collective, Fernwood’s NRG’s food security programs, Victoria High School’s programs for at risk and vulnerable students.

Island Montessori School.

The Velvet Crease donated a basket for an online auction between March 1 and 13, with the proceeds going to The Access Fund which has been set up to help children and families.

Alzheimer’s Society of BC

Glenwarren Lodge Spring Fling for Alzheimer’s. The Velvet Crease donated a gift basket for silent auction valued at $300. This was a very successful event. We were proud to be a part of this dance held at the Philippine Bayanihan Community Centre.

BBB Torch Awards

We are in our 3rd year of sponsorship of the annual The Torch Awards with baskets valued at over $300. Proceeds go to Better Business Bureau educational programs.

Shoebox Project

Annual donations at Xmas 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018  of over 150 gift boxed pieces of jewelry and scarves to local women. These items are provided by my clients all year round for donations and we save them for this wonderful cause. A special thanks goes to Shannon Sartori for inviting us to be a part of this program.

KIDS Conference

In Jan 2016, we promoted our Grad Support Program at the Vancouver Island Conference Centre in Nanaimo. The Velvet Crease collected grad dresses by donation for five years and provided them to students in need. We were invited to attend this conference which was just an amazing success. This was an inaugural event and we very proud and excited to attend.

Women’s Spring Expo March 2016

Held at Pearke’s Arena in Victoria BC. The Velvet Crease participated with a retail booth. This was a fun event for the weekend which included speaker’s on women’s health issues, finances etc. This event runs twice a year.

Mustard Seed

Clothing and accessories are collected by clients and the proceeds go to The Mustard Seed. The collection of red hats in the store are part of this project. These are unique and beautiful. (Thank you to Paul for requesting our assistance with this).

Wear To Start

We accept clothing from this program and the proceeds go to Wear To Start. (Thanking Vinnie for letting us be a part of this cause).

Canadian Cancer Society

Partial proceeds of the sales of Karen Hauser’s collected brooches in her honor.


Partial proceeds of the sales of Hand and Beak Cards to the SPCA.

Breast Cancer Research

Monetary donations to Breast Cancer Research through the counter sales of chocolate covered almonds in memory of Karen and Julie.

The Velvet Crease Grad Support Program.

From May 2014 until July 2016 The Velvet Crease collected grad dresses by donation and provided them to students in need in Victoria, Duncan and Nanaimo. This program was a tremendous success but unfortunately we have had to cancel it due to storage constraints. We are however, very proud to have participated in helping students and making a difference on one of the most important events in their lives.

Window Gallery

Valentine’s Window 2019   Umbrellas down… Spring is coming 2018   Valentine’s Day 2018   Notice the Jack of hearts? … One for each of my kids  ❤❤❤     Fall 2017     Summer Endings 2017   Celebrations of Summer  2017     Canada Day 2017  

Opening day  window display July 2, 2016

Original location on Cook Street-closed October 30, 2016

Orange Array

Spring Motivation

Ohhh so pink.


Red, white and black. One of my favorite combos.

Black and white.

Go Canucks!

The purse is inspiration.

Spring in Victoria.

In Memorium

This section is dedicated to those people who have passed into spirit and have touched my life, and the lives of us at The Velvet Crease.

These people deserve recognition.

May this list be forever short.

Mary Tacon.

My mother was taken from me far too soon. I had just given birth to my first child when she was diagnosed with Stage 4 lung cancer. A shock rippled through our family. From the age of 30 onwards, I’ve honoured her by practising all the good she has instilled in me. She made me a stronger woman, and an independent one. I miss her every day. I’m dedicating this website to my mom.

Elizabeth Clarke (with an E).

I grew up with my Nan. She taught me how to make soda bread, how to measure with my hands and she snuck me sandwiches when I wouldn’t eat fish….She tried many times to teach me to knit but I was too impatient. She was Irish and had ten children. I always admired her strength and kindness, and always wondered why she was so easily teared. Nan saw her husband and two of her children pass away in her lifetime. I realized as I had my own children that just thinking of how much I love them brings me to tears.

I understand her better as I age.

Nan’s Children

Uncle Matt, Aunt Teresa, Uncle Joe, Aunty Hilda, Uncle Ernest, Auntie Violet, Uncle Bobby, Uncle Dennis, my mother May, and Aunty Margretta were all Nan’s children that have passed into spirit. We are an Irish family with a zest for life that is very contagious. I reminisce about my aunts and uncles with many smiles and giggles for all the nutty and fun-loving moments.

Christine and Donald Tacon.

My grandma was a very creative and complex individual. She was lucky enough to live the greatest love story I’ve ever known, with my granddad Donald who professed he fell in love with her at first sight. Grandma was a private woman who reminded me of a doll. She was beautiful, classy, tough and knowledgable about spiritualism. Grandma was an artist. And she tried to teach me how to grow flowers and plants. She tried. Grandad was a gentle man who trained blind people to work in factories after he fought in the war. He had a wood working shop downstairs where he made all the furniture for their home. My grandparents were not wasteful and lived a modest life.

Angel English.

My dear friend and sidekick. I first met Angel when she came to the seniors lodge I was working in, as a work experience student. She was a lovely soul and we quickly became friends, like sisters. I kept an eye on her because she was much younger than me and she struggled with a learning disability that made it difficult for her to read. She was diagnosed with brain tumours somewhere around 2005. These were benign but caused her to have seizures. In 2015 she had a brain operation to remove the tumours and not long after she was taken by brain cancer. My friend Angel was the kindest person I have ever known. She was a gentle soul and she has taught me more than I can express.

Karen Hauser

Karen was a client who had an innate fashion drive. She supplied the store with so many amazing items and she quickly became our friend. Karen struggled with breast cancer for a very long time until she succumbed in 2015. She fought a brave and cheerful battle with her children, her beloved CJ and her doggie right by her side. I am confidant that all the angels are dressing better because of Karen.

Fashion Friends

Introduction To My Blog

Meet My People

March 31, 2017

I’m allocating this section for bits and pieces of things I’d like to say or share or reflect upon. The common term is Blog. So this is my blog. Read it if you would like to, or pass it on by. Some of it may be tips on things we forum over in a day. One thing is for sure, this blog will not be like other blogs. Nothing about me or my store is mainstream. I may post recommendations of articles to bring for consignment in the event I am looking for particular things. Some posts may have absolutely nothing to do with fashion. I see humor in everything and therefor never intend to offend.

I have the tendency to take after my father, and this I am very proud of. Anyone who knows him admires his natural kindness and a humbleness a man of his quality rarely has. Dad has class, he is passionate, and he also sees humour in everything.

I see absolutely nothing wrong with this picture. But you can see here how I resemble him.

 I wake up happy most days and feel no need to justify why. I have always looked at life with curiosity and excitement. Things have not always gone my way though. And in that, I have learned no one is responsible for my happiness, and that I need to rely on myself first, before I can rely on others. Everything I have done in my life has happened because I made it so. I have never had anything handed to me. Determination and hard work have taken me where I am now, determined to still work hard :). But many people have enriched my life with their presence. And now I want to focus on making subtle differences because I have the time, now that my children are almost adults, and because I take great joy in helping people.


One day 21 years ago I met the person who presented me with what I feel is the true meaning of life. Three months early, my first child was born premature. His eyes were bright and full of life. Never for a second did I doubt his well being. And he did not disappoint. Devon was a giggly boy who made me laugh out loud. His nick name was Boogie Man because he was always on the run. He would run laps around my living room daily, and dance to the ice cream truck music. He did well academically and became a rugby player in middle school and high school. This was a scary time for me particularly because he suffered two concussions and a broken collar bone as a result. Mama was secretly cheering when he told me he was no longer going to play. YESSS… Twenty one years later Devon Ash Saini is a young man at least a foot taller than me who is bright and kind and happy too. This child has a kind heart, a generous disposition and is now my little man.

Two years later, I met my sidekick. My second son was born quickly and without challenge. His name was Baby for the first while because I just couldn’t quite peg it. We settled on a name and left the hospital with Cameron in our arms. A week passed and I changed my mind. Cameron wouldn’t stick and after many days of deliberation I named my sidekick Dylan Robert Charli Saini. Dyllie was not a quiet baby, in fact he was very shy and wasn’t particularly thrilled to be taken out of my arms. He would scream until he settled back into the nest. This did not bother me. I’m happiest when I am holding my children, even now. 🙂 Dyllie earned the nick names Bam Bam, Tank, Brick and Rock because he was very strong handed. He once flattened a paint can with a hockey stick. True story. Dyllie had that raspy voice that little babes have. So adorable. Dylan is a secret genius. He always knew more than he would ever disclose. Today Dylan is a quiet and gentle man who is a hard worker and chooses his words carefully. It is bittersweet to watch your boys grow into men and begin their own lives. Dylan is so tall that he tucks my head under his neck.

Four and a half years later,  I was blessed with my third and final child. I basically had my daughter named at the very beginning of the pregnancy. Maya Alexis Saini was the hardest of the three to bring into this world. I always say its more difficult to bring the future mother’s to this life. Maya was like a bean bag and I could hang her over my shoulder while I did the dishes. She began to dance at 1 and a half years old. She was always twirling around and busting moves. Maya was so excited to go to kindergarten that she practiced on educational coloring books and always pretended to do homework. I knew early on that Maya would be a scholar and a dancer even though she would be caught in a dress and rubber boots riding the Little Tykes trucks down the yard. Maya has danced since 2008 at Karen Clarke’s Dance Studio and two years prior to that. She likes hip hop which is fun for me to watch. She was on the honor roll in high school and continues in University in Biology and I am not a bit worried. Maya is well beyond her years.

My children are the most important things in my entire life.

And this guy bugs me every day…

And this is Buddy. He was seven years old when he grew his brain and lived until he was 12. Best doggie ever ♥️

I have though many amazing people to thank for their contributions to my life up until now.

These two ladies are my life long besties.

We are the Three Muskateers, or Three Stooges, depends on if its a weekend.

Everything that is good in me is a result of the laughter between us three.

I would be missing too much out if I didn’t include these ladies:

These two are my favourite people ever.. not to mention my guardian angels.

A toast to our fallen Angel <3

We call ourselves the Chikas. These are my high school homies. Some I have known since grade 5:

I am hoping it is recognizable that this site for my store has a human element to it.

I wanted it to be professional, humorous and real.

I am a very complex and passionate individual. I enjoy meeting people and sharing positive interactions with them.

Therefore I want to convey with this blog that I am a normal person with family and pets and friends and that I value the people in my life. And, I happen to like fashion…

I hope you enjoy it.

Best regards,


Special thank you and I Love you to Anita, Johnny and Helan xx