In Memorium

This section is dedicated to those people who have passed into spirit and have touched my life, and the lives of us at The Velvet Crease.

These people deserve recognition.

May this list be forever short.

Mary Tacon.

My mother was taken from me far too soon. I had just given birth to my first child when she was diagnosed with Stage 4 lung cancer. A shock rippled through our family. From the age of 30 onwards, I’ve honoured her by practising all the good she has instilled in me. She made me a stronger woman, and an independent one. I miss her every day. I’m dedicating this website to my mom.

Elizabeth Clarke (with an E).

I grew up with my Nan. She taught me how to make soda bread, how to measure with my hands and she snuck me sandwiches when I wouldn’t eat fish….She tried many times to teach me to knit but I was too impatient. She was Irish and had ten children. I always admired her strength and kindness, and always wondered why she was so easily teared. Nan saw her husband and two of her children pass away in her lifetime. I realized as I had my own children that just thinking of how much I love them brings me to tears.

I understand her better as I age.

Nan’s Children

Uncle Matt, Aunt Teresa, Uncle Joe, Aunty Hilda, Uncle Ernest, Auntie Violet, Uncle Bobby, Uncle Dennis, my mother May, and Aunty Margretta were all Nan’s children that have passed into spirit. We are an Irish family with a zest for life that is very contagious. I reminisce about my aunts and uncles with many smiles and giggles for all the nutty and fun-loving moments.

Christine and Donald Tacon.

My grandma was a very creative and complex individual. She was lucky enough to live the greatest love story I’ve ever known, with my granddad Donald who professed he fell in love with her at first sight. Grandma was a private woman who reminded me of a doll. She was beautiful, classy, tough and knowledgable about spiritualism. Grandma was an artist. And she tried to teach me how to grow flowers and plants. She tried. Grandad was a gentle man who trained blind people to work in factories after he fought in the war. He had a wood working shop downstairs where he made all the furniture for their home. My grandparents were not wasteful and lived a modest life.

Angel English.

My dear friend and sidekick. I first met Angel when she came to the seniors lodge I was working in, as a work experience student. She was a lovely soul and we quickly became friends, like sisters. I kept an eye on her because she was much younger than me and she struggled with a learning disability that made it difficult for her to read. She was diagnosed with brain tumours somewhere around 2005. These were benign but caused her to have seizures. In 2015 she had a brain operation to remove the tumours and not long after she was taken by brain cancer. My friend Angel was the kindest person I have ever known. She was a gentle soul and she has taught me more than I can express.

Karen Hauser

Karen was a client who had an innate fashion drive. She supplied the store with so many amazing items and she quickly became our friend. Karen struggled with breast cancer for a very long time until she succumbed in 2015. She fought a brave and cheerful battle with her children, her beloved CJ and her doggie right by her side. I am confidant that all the angels are dressing better because of Karen.

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