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Kind People. Creative thinking. Fashion sense.

Our Experience

I began to write a biography which resembled more of a resume than an overview of who I am. My feeling is that my profile on LinkdIn can explain my professional and educational endeavors and accomplishments. On Facebook you can see my kids Devon, Dyllie and Maya, my family, my friends, my shenanigans and my travels. On Instagram you can see bits and pieces too. But here I’d like to discuss my grandma Christine Tacon.

Grandma was an artist. Down a narrow and steep set of stairs into the basement of her tudor style home, and right next to granddads wood working shop one would find her art room. Its where we spent time when we visited. It was a place for her to paint and for me to discover I wasn’t very good at it at all, being seven years old and thinking more about the Stock Market Game behind the counter…..

My grandparents, much like my dad, were kind people. They instilled the generosity in me that I really did come by naturally to begin with. Is there any other way to be? Blessed with hyperactivity, a background of creativity and an innate business sense, I settled my pursuit by blending all my genres, desires and skills into one delicious dish (Scott approved).

The Spring of 2010 lead my path to The Velvet Crease. Since then I have found a gap somewhere in our social system. That is the abyss of fulfilling what people really need, what they strive for and what they constantly struggle to gain. Everyone is busily trying to pay bills and get kids to their sports activities and trying to eat healthy in an otherwise speedy, pre-made, preconceived society…

But this is not what I spend my days thinking about. Every day I think about how I can make a difference to Angel and Maureen and Edna and how I can do it discretely so as not to get lost in media and hype. Random acts of kindness fill my days and for some reason this drives me.

Since I began with the store I have made some realizations. Women are profoundly amazing. We are supportive of one another, we are creative and we are loving. Women come into the store to see the beautiful clothes and accessories we offer, and they come to see how we are doing, and to talk about the little things that help us get through each day. And, they come to shop.

So, with all that said, I sell clothes. I offer unique and beautiful clothes of great quality. My clients trust me to look after their items and my customers leave my store happy and fullfilled. I believe in honesty, I believe in fair business. And after all these years I have discovered that I may have inherited some of grandma’s talent afterall, with window displays and table top displays. And I look back on my life and realize I have been artistic in everything I do.

Your Advantage

But the most treasured gift I inherited from my family is intuition. This intuition allows me to know when a customer would like to browse in peace. But it also allows me to know when someone needs to talk and so I ask. And usually she leaves my store feeling a little less burdened, with thought provoking insight and a few giggles, even if she hasn’t purchased a single thing.

For me, it’s not about making sales all the time. It’s all about life experiences and if I can make you reflect on our conversation, even if for just a moment, then I feel fulfilled. The store and the beautiful items it has to offer, speak for themselves. Looking good and feeling good can go hand in hand. If I succeed in both then I feel I have done my job to my best ability.

And with that I bring you The Velvet Crease: Beautiful Consigned Clothes & Accessories at unbelievable prices. Come for the experience.

~ Jacqui Tacon

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