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Consignment: How To!


Choose your consignment items carefully. They must be in near to new condition, and of current fashion.

We select designer labels and prefer unique and interesting pieces.

Most importantly, the clothing MUST be laundered. Items with odors of any kind will not be considered for consignment. Clothing with damage, stains or pilling will not be considered for consignment.

Clothes with labels removed will not be considered for consignment unless they are extremely unique.

Shoes with added insoles or toe marks will not be considered for consignment.

We do not accept intimate wear (bras, undergarments or lingerie), bathing suits or sleep wear.

At this time we do not accept men’s wear-sorry.

It is the responsibility of the consignee to prepare their articles for sale. All items MUST be laundered. All pockets must be emptied.

Once you have chosen articles for consignment, contact us by email to book a appointment.

If your clothing is on hangers it is faster to go through the selection process. Expect to go home with your hangers, bags and shoe boxes as our space is limited. Expect to have a five to ten minute wait depending on demand.

If your articles have not been selected for consignment, there are many possible reasons such as; we may not have room for a particular item, the article is no longer in style, it may be damaged or soiled or we feel we will be unable to sell it. DO NOT BE OFFENDED. It may just be that one of our “orange” racks is too full. We will do our best to discuss with you our reasons for our selections so that you have an understanding of what we are looking for, and so you have a pleasurable consignment experience.

Please understand we are trying to maintain a quality level of goods to our clients and we appreciate that you assist in reaching that goal.

Remember your dates. This is Important!

Upon signing of a consignment contract you are given a card giving you the contract days and pick up window.

 This is the only part you are responsible for. REMEMBER YOUR PICK UP DATES. If we do not hear from you during your pick up window we donate your items automatically to charity as our space is very limited.

A basic contact runs for 12 weeks*, being that the eleventh week is a reconciliation week. During this week, contracts are unavailable for viewing as they are being accounted and reconciled.

*Jewelry contracts may be extended. Items chosen for the Web are held until they are sold or pulled, whichever is first.

During your pick up window, please present us your consignment card. This helps us to determine where to look for your contract.

No copy of the consignment contract is given to the client as we run a manual bookkeeping system and the contract is our only record. You are welcome to inquire about your article during your contract period we just ask that you avoid intake hours for the benefit our on-site clients. We prefer, however, to focus our time dedicated to selling your items.

Prices are determined by The Velvet Crease. If an article has intrinsic value you must declare that upon presentation of such article. We do our best to offer fair and educated pricing on our items. At the end of the contract term 40% of monies earned are paid out to the consignee by cash or cheque. If you have missed your pick up period, the contract monies owed remain available for pick up for a year from the beginning of the contract date.

For more information, visit the Details drop down on the Homepage to read about our Terms and Conditions.

Window Gallery

Valentine’s Window 2019   Umbrellas down… Spring is coming 2018   Valentine’s Day 2018   Notice the Jack of hearts? … One for each of my kids  ❤❤❤     Fall 2017     Summer Endings 2017   Celebrations of Summer  2017     Canada Day 2017  

Opening day  window display July 2, 2016

Original location on Cook Street-closed October 30, 2016

Orange Array

Spring Motivation

Ohhh so pink.


Red, white and black. One of my favorite combos.

Black and white.

Go Canucks!

The purse is inspiration.

Spring in Victoria.